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IOA Organic Food and Farming Standards

The Organic Food and Farming Standards in Ireland set out the requirements for organic operators to comply with the EU Organic Regulations and additional stricter national standards.

The Standards are available to download below and contain all the information that you will need to know about being an organic operator.


Organic Food and Farming Standards in Ireland Edition 2

Note to Organic Livestock Producers: Please be advised that to access all export markets for organic livestock produced in Ireland producers must operate to the Stricter Standards. Therefore when reading the Standards please note that the sections in red (3.06, 3.08 and 3.13) are not the relevant Standards so please read and adhere to the Stricter Standards to be compliant.

Additional legal information and guidelines

From time to time the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, as the Competent Authority for the implementation of the EU Organic Regulations, may issue written statements on laws and procedures. Relevant circulars and other guidance are outlined below.

DAFM Circular 2 of 2023 Importer and First Consignees

DAFM Circular 4 of 2022 Organic Food and Farming Standards in Ireland

DAFM Circular 1 of 2021 Advance notification of organic imports

DAFM Circular 5 of 2021 Organic Imports, Exports and New Regulations

Third Country Importing Regulation 2022

DAFM Circular 3 of 2022 Organic Imports Exports

Catalogue of Infringements Republic of Ireland Version 9 – January – 2022

In March 2020 an updated Code of Good Practice for end users of poultry litter was released by the DAFM. It is effective immediately. To read the full text CLICK HERE