Organic Catering

PrintThe Irish Organic Association has private standards for the Certification of Organic Catering Establishments.

Our standards apply to cafés, pubs, restaurants, takeaways and other public and private caterers who prepare organic food out of sight of the customer.

We offer three types of organic catering certification:

  • 70% – 100% organic restaurant*
  • organic dish – multi-ingredient dishes**
  • organic menu item – which is served alongside non-organic components***

Apply for Certification

IOA Private Standards for Catering Establishments

IOA Application Form for Catering Establishments

If you are interested in finding out more about how organic catering certification can work for your business please contact our staff on tel: 090 64 33680 or email:

*where a minimum of 70% of your ingredients are certified organic
**e.g., organic lasagne, where the dish complies with the composition requirement under Secton 5 the Organic Food and Farming Standards in Ireland
***e.g., organic steak served alongside non-organic vegetables