Brexit Update for organic licence holders

Brexit Update for organic licence holders

The transition period for Brexit ends on 31st December 2020. From this date there are serious implications for Irish organic license holders. See below for some key points which may be of particular relevance to you;

Seeds / Transplants: Under the Plant Health Reg 2016/2031 Irish Organic operators buying seeds/transplants from the UK (excl. Northern Ireland) or selling seeds/transplants to the UK (excl. Northern Ireland) will be required to register with DAFM as a professional operator. This registration will also cover imports and exports to and from the UK. All seeds, plants and plant products coming from the UK (excl. Northern Ireland) from January 1st 2021 will require a phytosanitary certificate. CLICK HERE to read more about the necessary registration documents, import and export procedures and FAQ.

Organic Food/Feed: All registered organic operators purchasing food/feed products from UK (excl. Northern Ireland) must register on TRACES as an organic importer and comply with specific advance notification requirements required by DAFM. Labels/packaging for existing products containing ingredients of agricultural origin in the UK must be amended to reflect the non-EU origin of those ingredients all label amendments must be sent to IOA for approval prior to printing. CLICK HERE for information on TRACES.

Northern Ireland Organic Agricultural Products: Because of the Northern Ireland Protocol and subject to the final Brexit outcome (and associated trade deal) organic food, feed and seeds/transplants of agricultural origin in Northern Ireland can be imported to the Republic of Ireland as “EU Organic” (and therefore without the necessity for an electronic Certificate of Inspection from TRACES. These products can be labelled with the EU organic logo as EU Agriculture. This is provided their certification body (if not an established Republic of Ireland OCB is already operating in Northern Ireland), is established in Northern Ireland, is approved by the European Commission and is listed in Annex III of the most up to date amended version of Commission Regulation 1235/2008.

For more information please consult the European Commission and Food Safety Authority of Ireland websites, see specific links below: