E-coli and organic cucumbers

E-coli and organic cucumbers

*****UPDATE 8/6/2011*******

The most recent investigation about the source of the E-coli contamination has centered around an organic farm producing organic beansprouts close to Hamburg, Germany. Tests so far on the beansprouts have all been negative over 500 samples have been taken from the farm. EU Agricultural Minister met in Brussels yesterday to discuss the issue of compensation for farmers accross Europe who have been badly affected by market losses. The source of the outbreak still remains to be isolated.


*****UPDATE 1/6/2011*******

The latest reports on the E-coli outbreak indicate that the Spanish organic cucumbers were not the source of the contamination. However the source has not yet been identified yet as tests are still being carried out.


The source of the current severe outbreak of e-coli in Germany was reported to be Spanish organic cucumbers however this has not been proven yet. It has also not yet been identified if the contamination took place at the growing site or during transportation to Germany.

IOA has contacted members who are currently importing organic cucumbers and they are currently being imported from Holland not Spain. It will be roughly 3 or 4 weeks before Irish organic cucumbers are available so we will not have an Irish alternative until then.

The possibility of risk in Ireland is tiny as the cucumbers in question have not been shipped to Ireland. In order to avoid problems with potential contamination we would recommend that people who buy fresh organic produce wash it well before use.