GM Interviews

GM Interviews

On February 27th 2012 Teagasc applied to the EPA to trial GM potatoes. Following a review of the licence application and 83 submissions from the general public and interested stakeholders, the EPA announced on July 26th that it was granting Teagasc the go ahead to trial the potatoes.

This decision gained extensive media coverage and IOA personnel gave a series of interviews on the subject.  Below please find a selection of podcasts to various interviews on radio and television.

For more information on any of the above please contact Grace Maher, Development Officer IOFGA, tel 087 6125989 or email, please be patient as with most of the podcasts there are advertisements embedded in them which we cannot remove.

Interview on Matt Cooper, Today FM – The Last Word. Grace Maher IOA and John Spink Teagasc, July 26th.

Interview on BBC Radio 4, Gillian Westbrook IOA and John Spink Teagasc, interviewd by Ella McSweeney

The interview is August 1st

TV3, Gillian Westbrook IOA and John Spink Teagasc, the interview starts at about 13 mins into the show. August 3rd.

RTE SIX ONE NEWS, July 26th, Grace Maher IOA and John Spink Teagasc. The interview starts at 30mins 20 seconds into the piece please look for specific date of July 26th!v=10039102