ORGANIC FARMING SCHEME OPENS TODAY! – click here for more information

ORGANIC FARMING SCHEME OPENS TODAY! – click here for more information

The second tranche of the Organic Farming Scheme has been launched by Minister Tom Hayes. It opened on December 2nd and will close at midnight on December 31st. As the Organic Farming Scheme is an online application all applicants must be registered with the Department on before applying.

Below are some frequently asked questions about joining the Organic Farming Scheme;

1. If I finish my 5 year Organic Farming Scheme (OFS) contract this year am I eligible to apply to the current OFS?

Yes you are eligible to apply, and if your current contract finishes at the end of December 2015, youmust reapply to join the scheme as your contract does not roll over.

2. If my contract finishes in 2016 or 2017 do I have to apply to this current scheme?

No, you continue in your current contract, Minister Hayes has stated that if your contract finishes in the next couple of years his department will make arrangements in due course to extend contracts until the end of 2020. If you do not know what year of your 5 year contract you are in, please contact the Organic Unit on tel 053 916 3400.

3. As an existing organic farmer do I have automatic access to the current OFS scheme?

No, all applicants will be assessed by the Organic Unit of the Department and the decision lies with them.

4. Is the OFS run by IOFGA?

No, the OFS is a scheme operated and paid by the Organic Unit of the Department, however applicants must have a valid organic licence to apply to the scheme. If you have questions about the OFS terms and conditions please click on the button below


5. If I am not an organic farmer can I still join the second tranche of the OFS as a new entrant to the sector?

Yes you can apply to the OFS however you must contact IOA immediately to apply for a valid licence which then enables you to apply to the OFS.

6. If you are a brand new client, how do you apply for a licence from IOFGA?

Please click on the button below and you can download an application form


7. If I am an existing organic farmer how do I apply for the OFS?

Please click on the button below and it will direct you to the next step


8. As a new entrant to the OFS do I have to complete an Organic Production Course?

Yes all new entrants to the OFS must complete the course before September 1st 2016. Dates for courses are currently being finalised for 2016, so please keep an eye on our website as once courses are confirmed they will be listed on