Organic opportunities for Green Public Procurement

Organic opportunities for Green Public Procurement

It is estimated that the Irish public sector procures food and catering services to the value of €125m to €150m per annum[1]. This transfers a large responsibility to government to deliver value for public money in terms of goods and services provided.

EU guidelines for Green Public Procurement (GPP) are being introduced here which essentially means that a certain percentage of publically procured food must meet EU sustainability criteria. This is good news for Irish food producers particularly organic and artisan producers.

Dr. Sinead Neiland, Chairperson of IOA welcomes the move and states that “seasonal local organic food should be offered on all public menus such as hospitals, schools and workplaces. Research has shown that where organic food is part of public procurement it has resulted in better tasting food and significantly less food waste. When procurers buy local and in season it reduces cost and food miles. GPP offers great opportunities for organic food producers in Ireland while at the same time improving the quality and sustainability of food on public menus”.

IOA certify over 1,150 organic producers, processors and retailers in Ireland.


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[1] National  Action Plan on Green Public Procurement , Department of the Environment 2011