Organic recipe of the week – Ely wine bar’s 5-step organic steak tartare

Organic recipe of the week – Ely wine bar’s 5-step organic steak tartare

This week’s recipe comes from the innovative Ely Wine Bar restaurants, it is one of their best dishes and a great example of how to use fresh organic ingredients. Thanks to them for this recipe and congrats on being awarded for having one of the most outstanding wine menu’s in the world!

Ely wine bar’s 5-step organic steak tartare

organic Burren steak tartare

This is a classic, much-loved dish. You need the highest quality beef for this dish which is why organic beef always works best. We use organic Burren beef from our own family farm in County Clare. The organic beef needs to be as fresh as possible and it needs to be eaten that day. Wash the beef well before chopping.

Organic Ingredients

350g beef fillet

4 quail egg yolks

4 teaspoons Dijon mustard

4 teaspoons minced shallots

4 teaspoons minced gherkin

4 teaspoons capers

4 teaspoons chives

4 teaspoons parsley

Sea salt

Cayenne pepper

For the pickled beech mushrooms:

200g beech mushrooms

100g brown sugar

200ml white wine vinegar or white balsamic vinegar

2 juniper berries

1 teaspoon mustard seeds

¼ lemon rind

Serves 4 as starter, 2 as main

How We Do It:

1. To make the pickled mushrooms, wash the mushrooms, being careful not to remove the head/tip and place in a sterilised jar. Place all the other ingredients in a pan and bring to the boil. Allow to simmer for five minutes and then pour over the mushrooms. Seal, allow to cool and refrigerate for 16-24 hours.

2. Using a sharp knife, chop the meat on a clean board into very small dice. Try to get it as fine as you can. Place all the meat in a clean bowl.

3. Crack the eggs and reserve the four yolks – you don’t need the whites for this recipe.

4. Mix the rest of the ingredients together. If you have a blender, avoid all the chopping and mincing and simply add all the ingredients to a blender and use the pulse setting.

5. To finish, carefully mix the blended ingredients with the chopped beef, divide between four moulds or cookie cutters, setting each on a plate. Place one yolk on top of each mould, garnish with the mushrooms, serve and enjoy


The pickled mushrooms can be made in advance and last up to a month.


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