Update on HPAI H5N8 – SECOND outbreak in backyard flock in Lancashire, England

Update on HPAI H5N8 – SECOND outbreak in backyard flock in Lancashire, England



  • DEFRA confirmed their 10th outbreak of HPAI H5N8 subtype in 2017 on 6 May (& 11th during this epidemic) – in a non-commercial backyard flock of 34 birds at a farm near Thornton, Wyre, Lancashire
  • This is the second outbreak confirmed in Thornton, Wyre, Lancashire since 4 May 2017, and is close to outbreaks confirmed in game birds at the end of January
  • The location is in an area previously designated as a Higher Risk Area due to proximity to bodies of water with wild migratory waterfowl
  • A 3 km protection zone and 10 km surveillance zone have been established to limit the risk of disease spreading and depopulation of any remaining birds is being carried out


  • HPAI H5N8 restrictions have now been lifted in France, and restocking of duck farms has commenced
  • There are still occasional reports of HPAI H5N8 being confirmed in wild birds, most recently in Austria, Finland and Italy since 28 April


  • Flock owners in Ireland are still being advised to implement biosecurity measures – in particular feeding birds indoors or under cover
  • Flock owners are also reminded to update their registration details
  • A temporary, dedicated Poultry Registration and Update Unit was established by the Department to facilitate this

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