Organic recipe of the week – flax seed smoothie

Organic recipe of the week – flax seed smoothie

Fruit and flax seed smoothie

This weeks organic recipe comes from Kate Irwin from Adora Flax oil, it is a great recipe that can be used with almost any fruit, a great addition to your daily menu. For more information on flax oil please see

Flax seeds


4 dessert spoons natural organic yoghurt

2 dessert spoons Adora Organic Flax oil

2 dessert spoons orange juice

1 banana (Other seasonal fruit berries optional)

2 dessertspoons of Adora Organic Flax seed.


  • Put the 4 dessert spoons of natural yoghurt into a blender.  Pour the two dessertspoons of Adora flax oil also into the smoothie and blend together until the oil is completely mixed through the yoghurt.
  • Then pour in the orange juice and add the banana for flavour (you may use other berries of your choice here)
  • Using a pestle and mortar grind the two dessertspoons of Adora flax seed, until it is a fine consistency.  Add this to your smoothie and mix it in.

Now you have a super healthy anti viral, anti fungal, anti bacterial smoothie with soluble Omega 3 and 6 to insulate the cells in the body. Our research shows that freshly ground flax seed also lines the inside of your stomach, feeds the friendly bacteria in your bowel and pulls 5 times its own weight in moisture and toxins out of the body.  Now that’s a powerful smoothie, enjoy!