IOA welcomes opening of Organic Farming Scheme

IOA welcomes opening of Organic Farming Scheme

Minister Hayes opened the Organic Farming Scheme (OFS) today. IOA are delighted with the 60% increase in payment for participants in the scheme. Please note that the OFS will close on May 29th. Existing participants of the OFS have been issued a letter by the Organic Unit of the Department outlining options. For new entrants it is important that you get your applications into IOA as quick as you can.

How to join the scheme:

The OFS is now an online application so in order to join you must complete the following steps

  • Contact IOA for an application form, once this is submitted you will receive your organic licence number (You can download an application form here IOFGA-Application-Form-Farmers-and-Growers3)
  • On receipt of your completed application form IOA will immediately notify the Organic Unit of the Department that you have a licence number
  • All farmers who are not currently using the Department online services must register which you can do by going to
  • Once you have your organic licence number and you have registered online with the Department you can then proceed and complete your online application to join the Organic Farming Scheme using the internet address in the bullet point above.
  • All new entrants must complete the Organic Production course before September 1st. If you have not already done the course please go to the Teagasc website to go on a waiting list

Once we receive your application form, IOA will then send out an inspector to your farm, following this your application will go before our internal certification panel and if everything is in order you will be granted your in-conversion licence. All operators must complete a 2 year conversion period. Two years from your start date you will receive your full organic licence if you are complaint with the organic regulations.

Additional information on Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine website:

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