Consumer continue to buy organic food despite what the scientists say

Consumer continue to buy organic food despite what the scientists say

Consumers continue to purchase organic food despite attempts by science to discredit it. The latest study coming from the US concludes that organic food is not “healthier” than non organic food. The study illustrates the point that science finds it almost impossible to highlight one method of food production as being better for human health than another.

“What is clear from this and previous research is that people who purchase organic food are doing so because they want food that does not contain pesticides” said Gillian Westbrook, General Manager, IOFGA. “People buying certified organic food also know that they are purchasing a product that has high animal welfare standards, and is kinder to the environment and natural resources. Taste is a bit more subjective however people will not repeat purchase if a product does not taste good and many consumers that we spoke to rate taste as one of the main reasons they purchase organic food”  she stated.

National Organic Week runs from September 10th-16th and celebrates all that is organic. Throughout the country many organic producers are hosting events to showcase their products and their farms so we are encouraging people to go along and make up their own mind about organic food.


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