New Clients to Organic Farming and Production

New Clients to Organic Farming and Production

Obtaining your Organic Certification with IOA is relatively easy, we have attached a chart which gives a step by step explanation of the process so please click on that. Below we have explained some of the process in more detail.

Organic Farming Scheme (OFS)

This scheme is administered by the Organic Unit of the Department of Agriculture Food and the Marine (DAFM). The majority of organic farmers are part of the OFS, the new scheme should open early in 2015 but please note that it closes on May 15th each year.

Once the full details of the scheme have been announced you can download an application form on our website or simply call us on 090- 6433680.

Requirements for the OFS

  • Organic Farming Training Course, this is a 4 day course run over consecutive weeks. Mary Lynch from IOA runs courses as do Teagasc organic advisors Elaine Leavy and Dan Clavin. Full details of the courses will be announced shortly. You are required to complete this course before applying for the OFS
  • You must also apply to IOA before applying for the OFS. At the moment there are proposals that the deadline will be as early as 30th April 2015, so it is essential that you have your paperwork into IOA as soon as possible. It is possible that it may be an on-line application process only, but that is yet to be confirmed.

How to apply to IOFGA:

The pdf flow chart link below illustrates the certification process. When you receive your IOA application form you will be required to return the form to IOA with your conversion plan, soil analysis, maps and land lease (if applicable). Guidance on the completion of a conversion plan and other information required will be sent with each IOA application form. The conversion plan is not required for processors/non-farming enterprises.


New Clients to Organic Farming and Production