Opportunities for the Organic Sector under Green Tenders

Opportunities for the Organic Sector under Green Tenders

Earlier this year, following a public consultation on Green Public Procurement, Ireland’s first Green Public Procurement Action Plan (Green Tenders) was jointly launched by the Minister for the Environment and the Minster for Public Expenditure and Reform.

The overall objective of Green Tenders is to assist public authorities to successfully plan and implement green public procurement. There are 8 specific areas prioritised in this plan one of which is Food and Catering Services.

Gillian Westbrook, General Manager, IOA stated that “the annual public expenditure on food in Ireland is estimated at €195m.[1] The organic licence scheme offered by IOA is highlighted as an accreditation scheme which meets the sustainability criteria outlined under Green Tenders. This offers fantastic opportunities to certified organic producers to supply local and seasonal food to the public catering sector”.

Westbrook went on to cite the successful example of “the pilot project that was run in the Marine Institute using organic salmon, beef, lamb, vegetables, salads and goats cheese, all supplied locally and in season. When using organic ingredients it was noted that there was a significant reduction in waste making it even more sustainable to use organic ingredients. Diners also noted greater flavour and quality in the food served. We will be actively encouraging organic producers and processors, particularly in the meat, seafood, eggs and poultry enterprises to become proactive in supplying public contracts under the Green Tenders initiative” she said.

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For more information please contact;

Gillian Westbrook, General Manager, IOA Tel 087 7819967

Grace Maher, Development Officer IOFGA, Tel 087 6125989


[1] Irish Foodservice Channel Insights Report, Bord Bia, November 2011